Vision House, L.A.

Invited to collaborate with Structure Homes, a high-end specialty builder in Woodland Hills and sponsored by Green Builders Magazine, we helped create a garden to compliment a Green Building, LEED certified home in Pacific Palisades. Being conscience of our scarce water resources in Southern California, most of the selected plants (from Monrovia Nursery) were drought tolerant or had low water needs.  Minimal zoysia grass was installed over a storm water collection area in the rear yard.  The entire irrigation system was sub surface and point to point - watering the plant roots instead of using spray heads which can waste water.  All planters were topped with Greenrock, a recycled material from crushed pavers.  The driveway used permeable concrete that allows water to recharge the aquifer rather than enter the storm drain system, which is helpful in preventing pollution of the Santa Monica Bay.  A water feature in the front garden was created from a recycled construction beam, with water flowing into pebbles to help prevent excess evaporation. Pottery (on loan from Eye of the Day in Carpinteria) was planted with succulents.  Scott Huchson supplied and installed a green roof using succulents and low water grasses above the entry way, two beautiful self watering hanging gardens in the loggia, and a green wall planted with shade loving plants on the northern wall.  A small vegetable-garden was installed reusing the old broken concrete from the original demolished on site garden.


Photography courtesy of Adam Latham -