Fairytale Garden

The front entry of the home was redesigned to highlight its beautiful Italian style architecture; a new cobblestone driveway and Mediterranean plant palette help to give it a more inviting, old world feel. The rear yard garden was redesigned to include a variety of spaces ranging from a formal and elegant loggia and fireplace to whimsical and organic play areas for the clients’ children. A dated pool was replaced with a sleek infinity edge pool, located to take advantage of the stunning views from the site. Below the pool, the rather steep slope of the site was used as an opportunity to create several private seating areas, along with a firepit and wall fountain.

The children’s garden is especially beautiful: a custom playhouse, hand-laid mosaic fairy garden, play equipment surrounded by a rustic wood railing, and bright, colorful flowers create a truly magical and enchanted space.

Gorgeous stone, handcrafted tiles, precast stone accents, and custom iron and woodwork are used throughout the site, and along with unique furniture and pottery selections, help make the garden incredibly detailed and rich.