Orange County - Tuscan Inspired

Our client’s request was for a unique garden landscape that mirrored both of their personalities,  combining soft and organic with clean lines and organization. We developed a series of outdoor rooms or areas and compromised on curves and lines. A spool (large spa) anchors the rear garden with monolithic boulders arising from the water and a bronze seal fountain. A built-in barbeque with dining counter and patios creates a gathering point for guests. The house had the advantage of a huge side garden area. Here we built an overhead structure to define the outdoor living room space. A black Mexican beach pebble water wall with cutout window has a fire bar behind for a beautiful “fire and water” effect. We developed a circular lawn for the couple's dog and relocated a wall to give the side garden even more space. The front garden was formalized with a promenade to the side garden gate and the residence entry courtyard became a small jewel accessorized with lovely pottery.